What is Brand Positioning? Explained in Simple and Easy Terms.

Brand positioning may sound like a complicated term, but it’s actually quite simple to understand, even for young students. Just like you have a unique personality that sets you apart from your friends, a brand also has its own personality that makes it different from other brands. It’s like the special qualities that make you who you are!

In this article, we will explore what brand positioning is and how it helps companies stand out in the minds of customers.

What is Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning is how a company presents itself to the world. It’s like wearing a special superhero costume that tells people who you are and what you stand for. When companies create their brand positioning, they think about what makes them special and how they want people to think about them.

Crafting a Brand Positioning:

To create a brand positioning, companies use different tools and strategies. They think about the words they use, the tone of their communication, and even the colors and logos they choose. All of these things help create a unique and memorable identity for the brand.


One important aspect of brand positioning is differentiation. This means showing why a brand is different from other brands. For example, a school may highlight its unique programs, like art or sports, to stand out from other schools. It’s like showing off your special talents to make others notice you!

How Brand Positioning Helps:

When companies have a strong brand positioning, it helps them attract more customers. Just like you choose your favourite superhero based on their special powers, customers choose their favourite brands based on what makes them unique. A strong brand positioning helps a company become memorable and builds trust with customers.


So, brand positioning is like a special superpower that helps companies stand out and be remembered. Just like you have your own unique qualities, brands also have their own special characteristics. Remember, the next time you see a brand, think about what makes it different and why you like it. Brand positioning is the secret behind every successful company, and now you know a little bit about it too!